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How will you feel?

Have you had a difficult experience in the past or recently that makes you feel like you've lost your sunny outlook?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again, and wonder "what's wrong with me?"

Are you fed up of therapists saying they can help but after the feel good factor of having someone to listen to you has worn off, nothing really changes?

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Edward Sim, Harley Street Psychotherapist

My name is Edward

I am a Psychotherapist of twenty years, specialising in the successful treatment of trauma. I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist . I trained with the founders of Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Dr Aaron Beck and Dr Albert Ellis in the USA. I trained with Dr Francine Shapiro, who created EMDR, now recognised by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence as the leading treatment for chronic PTSD. In Toronto, I trained in Neurofeedback with Dr Michael and Linda Thompson, the leaders in this field.

My own experience of therapy has been that often a lot is promised and very little is delivered by way of actual results.

Sooner or later, people like you come to realise that ultimately they can't delegate the power of change, it has to come from within.

You may already have “a helpful other" in your life, yet all the talking and analysis in the world has not actually changed the way you feel.

You thoroughly understand your issues and history but until your feelings change you will remain stuck.

The therapy industry is coy about statistics relating to its effectiveness.

The drop out rate from CBT is enormous, because progress is either painfully slow or non existent.

Counselling, which makes no bones about being open ended, can become an ineffectual habit or crutch.

Even prescribed antidepressants have a well understood 40% failure rate.

Eventually, you realise that the only person who can help you is yourself.


What is Sonic Reset Therapy?

SRT uses the latest research in sound to produce a carefully calibrated tone, which activates negative neural networks.

It then overlays the sound with a Reset Tone which gently reduces the strength of the problem memories / feelings / states that you began with.

What happens in a session?

You can log into your account on any WiFi connected device: smartphone, computer or tablet. You will also need headphones or earphones (any type). Once logged in, read the short instructions, put on your headphones and start your session.

Each session lasts 45 minutes.

Normally you will do this once a day, but for accelerated change you can treat yourself twice a day.

How long do I need to treat myself?

The purpose of SRT is not just to get you from minus five to zero, but move you up to plus five and beyond.

It takes SRT six months to get you there.

By the end of this time you'll not only have scrubbed out the problem issues that brought you here, but you'll have smoothed all your other unwanted thoughts and feelings and thoroughly integrated these changes into your new life.

Become your own therapist today

I want you to feel the benefits of SRT immediately, so I'm giving you a three day free trial before your payment takes effect.

I'm sure you'll feel so much better, and so relieved you've finally found something that works, that you'll want to continue.



Since starting the therapy only a week ago, I have noticed a huge difference in my day to day living.

Things which seemed impossible; lying awake in the morning and wanting to just go back to sleep..., making plans for the day, even just talking to people -- all these have improved immensely.

I have actually looked forward to socialising, doing some cooking, taking the dog for a walk etc.

I feel much more relaxed and as if a weight has been lifted. I shall definitely be carrying on with the therapy for a while, even though I am finding less and less bad memories are coming to mind and when I summon them up, they seem far less important.

I would highly recommend the treatment to any of my friends who I thought would benefit from it.


Before my treatment, I'd had a lifetime of things not going right for me, no matter how much I tried. I was committed to my own healing so much, I saw a therapist every week for six years. This cost me over $600 pr month. I gained great insight to my life and behaviour, yet still things would go wrong for me so much I couldn't catch my breath. 

One such thing was meeting a man who turned out to be living a double life. He was highly manipulative. After struggling in that situation for three years (while still going to therapy), this man violently attacked me. Then he stalked me. I was terrified... scared to go out, scared he would break into my home and murder me. 

I felt like my brain had shattered into a million pieces, and I couldn't leave my bed.

Thankfully, a friend recommended Edward to me and I had my first SRT session as soon as I could.

The terror left me immediately, and over the next few months, I became emotionally stronger and able to start living again.

I felt better than ever but was aware that my life had been wrong since I could remember, so I carried on with my SRT until all my traumatic childhood memories felt resolved.

I knew it had really worked when my life started producing different results and I stopped experiencing disasters every few weeks.

Now I use SRT once or twice a month to just mop up any new stuff and build my brain in a way that makes my life feel great.

I'm eternally grateful to Edward, he's given me my happiness back as well as saved me a fortune on therapists.


I finally got a chance to use this. OMG I can’t believe how much better I feel after one session. 
It’s amazing!!! It feels like it’s scraping my mind of those negative thoughts and people. I’m just so grateful of this I felt immediate relief.

I haven’t slept in years but straight after this session I fell into the deepest sleep.

Thank you, angel. I’ll be in touch later and let you know how it continues. So far so good… I feel incredible right now and was half dead last night.


The more I talked about my anxiety the more anxious I felt. 

When I was seeing a counselor I felt like we raked all my problems up and I walked out of the door still thinking about them.

By going it alone and just treating myself with SRT I found that I could clear away my anxiety and worrying thoughts all by myself.

FB, Canada

I have CPTSD from a childhood of abuse. I had healed myself somewhat, but I still occasionally experienced flashbacks and depression. Before SRT those flashbacks felt like it was reliving the trauma or that it all only happened yesterday....still very fresh.

SRT feels very calming and has changed me. Now I have fewer flashbacks, and they feel like they happened a long time ago. Also, I have less emotion attached to the memory after SRT.


I was stuck in old behaviour patterns of feeling not good enough, which gave me anxiety.

I really didn’t enjoy the sound of the first audio which made me want to resist doing it.

By the time I was doing the second set of audios, everything felt right.

I’m still doing it as I think I have more work to do but I feel like the heaviness is lifting. I now make conscious decisions and am realising that I choose my reality, and that I am strong and capable.


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How Edward's client felt



How does Sonic Reset Therapy work?

SRT uses the latest research in sound to produce a carefully calibrated tone, which activates negative neural networks. It then overlays the sound with a Reset Tone which gently reduces the strength of the problem memories/feelings/states that you begin with.

What is the evidence base for SRT?

SRT is a type of Neuro Remodulation Therapy. These approaches, such as Eye movement desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) all aim to change the way a brain stores information, so that memories and feelings are healthily processed and no longer feel over-whelming.

How is it different to counselling?

Conventional approaches, which involve a lot of talking, may help a person ‘understand’ an issue, but by only using the pre-frontal cortex of the brain (which holds language) they are a very inefficient way of influencing how a person actually feels, both emotionally and physically. SRT works by reducing problem emotional reactions and releasing ‘body memory’.In so doing, a brain is enabled to see things in a different way.

Can Sonic Reset Therapy do me any harm? Can it make me worse?  Can I do too much or too little?

When you use SRT, you are in control at all times. Provided you have reasonable hearing, and don’t mind headphones, anyone can use it with complete safety following our instructions. A comfortable volume setting is all that is required. There have been no reported cases of any contra indications or adverse reactions to SRT.

Will SRT affect my memory? I don’t want to forget…..

No. Your memory is not in anyway affected. All that is reduced is the unwanted emotional charge or upset that some memories carry.

 Why haven’t I heard of SRT before?

SRT is very new outside private psychotherapy practise.  It’s a method of pure self-help, so does not have any large pharmaceutical companies or Psychological Organisations eager to support it. However, it’s so inexpensive and efficient and easy to use that it is likely to become of great interest to organisations such as the UK NHS and Armed Forces.

How often/much can I use it?

As much or as little as you need, until you feel your unwanted emotions/memories/states are as smoothed out as they can be. You are the best judge of this.

Do the results last?

Yes. Once a problem memory/state/emotion has been processed with SRT, as with other Neuro Remodulation Therapies, the results remain in place.

What else can I use it for?

With SRT you are your own expert therapist so you can feel free to experiment with any negative emotion/memories/situation.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. SRT is as safe and effective for children as it is with adults.  Of course its results depend upon the user bringing to mind the problem state, such as anxiety, and keeping it active while the reset tone scrubs it out.  For this reason, both children and adults have to properly understand what to do.