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How will you feel?

Have you tried trendy meditation and mindfulness techniques only to find they haven't really made any difference at all?

Are you excited about being the best possible version of yourself, but all those apps and techniques don't give you the results they promise?

You're feeling committed to your own personal growth but where do you find the time that those coaches, apps and gurus assume you have?

My name is Edward

I am a Psychotherapist of twenty years, specialising in the successful treatment of trauma. I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist . I trained with the founders of Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Dr Aaron Beck and Dr Albert Ellis in the USA. I trained with Dr Francine Shapiro, who created EMDR, now recognised by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence as the leading treatment for chronic PTSD. In Toronto, I trained in Neurofeedback with Dr Michael and Linda Thompson, the leaders in this field.

The technology, called Sonic Reset Therapy, fast tracks my clients to feeling more balanced, happy and high functioning no matter what they've tried before.

How you feel is all about the neural networks that your brain is activating. So to feel good, you want to choke off traffic along the negative pathways that are holding you back, and flood the positive emotion networks with as much activation as you can.

Mindfulness, meditation and other practises help this somewhat, but it can take months or years for you to feel anything.

But SRT For Optimal Functioning is completely different to anything you’ll have experienced before.

It forges those positive neural networks immediately and permanently which means you start to feel fabulous from day one.

So if you don’t want to spend 40 years alone in a cave, just log in, read the simple instructions, and use SRT with any headphones or earphones. I actively encourage my clients to dream in the life they want.

And unlike those apps, courses, retreats or gurus, my clients feel like they are completely in charge of their own self help.

To permanently enhance their feelings of well being, creativity and self fulfilment, most of my clients use SRT daily, sometimes twice a day. One client calls it her “daily does of brilliance”! I have busy clients who use it once or twice a week, too, so there are no rules. I just know that once you start to feel the effects, you’ll want to use it more.

And because I want you to really feel the difference before you commit, I’ve given you your first three days free.

So here's all you need to know before you get started.


How does Sonic Reset Therapy work?
SRT works on problem negative states by rubbing out the unwanted neural networks they run on. In the same way, it can enhance and maximise positive emotions by increasing the strength and activity of the neural networks that are responsible for them.

It does this by introducing a carefully calibrated tone in the form of a square wave, over headphones. As you purposefully bring to mind positive thoughts and good feelings, the combination of the tone and your thinking turbo boosts the process of possitive neural formation.
SRT uses the latest research in sound to produce a carefully calibrated tone, which activates negative neural networks. It then overlays the sound with a Reset Tone which gently reduces the strength of the problem memories/feelings/states that you begin with.

What is the evidence base for SRT?

SRT is a type of Neuro Remodulation Therapy. These approaches, such as Eye movement desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) all aim to change the way a brain stores information, so that memories and feelings are healthily processed and no longer feel over-whelming.

Positve Psychology, the science of understanding and advancing wellbeing realizes that the more traffic you can drive along a neural network (positive or negative) the stronger it becomes.

In addition to this SRT uses the knowledge of Audio Brain Entrainment.

This school of thought is demonstrating how brains can be encouraged towards making healthy changes, far quicker than if they were left on their own, by using sound.

Binaural beats have been an early step towards this.

How is it different to Mindfulness or other types of meditation?

Conventional meditation techniques, which have been much in the media recently, do achieve the kind of changes to the brain discussed above.  However, they are typically extremely slow, take a lot of practise, and do not easily fit in with people’s busy life-styles.
Rather than just wait for a brain to eventually find its own positive frequency, it makes sense to turbo-charge the process by actually introducing one.  This is rather like making a glass sing by running a wet finger round it.

Conventional approaches, which involve a lot of talking, may help a person ‘understand’ an issue, but by only using the pre-frontal cortex of the brain (which holds language) they are a very inefficient way of influencing how a person actually feels, both emotionally and physically.

SRT works by reducing problem emotional reactions and releasing ‘body memory’.

In so doing, a brain is enabled to see things in a different way.

How much Optimal Functioning can I do? 

Unlike the demands of meditation and mindfulness apps and coaches, you can fit this into your busy life whenever it really suits you.

Because positive neural networks are actively created every time you do this, the time you spend is so much more productive, and you'll feel it.

The more often you use it, the stronger your positive neural networks will become.

So why hold back?

Many people use it before and after work. Others use it twice a week.

When you use SRT, you are in control at all times. Provided you have reasonable hearing, and don’t mind headphones, anyone can use it with complete safety following our instructions. A comfortable volume setting is all that is required.

When you are using Optimal Functioning you are likely to retrieve many happy memories that you have not thought of it years.

What is the evidence base for SRT?

SRT is very new outside private psychotherapy practise. It’s a method of pure self-help, so does not have any large pharmaceutical companies or Psychological Organisations eager to support it. However, it’s so inexpensive and efficient and easy to use that it is likely to become of great interest to organisations such as the UK NHS and Armed Forces.

Do the results last?

Yes. Once a problem memory/state/emotion has been processed with SRT, as with other Neuro Remodulation Therapies, the results remain in place.
The results not only last, but keep on improving the more you do.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. SRT is as safe and effective for children as it is with adults.  Of course its results depend upon the user bringing to mind the problem state, such as anxiety, and keeping it active while the reset tone scrubs it out.  For this reason, both children and adults have to properly understand what to do.

What happens in a session?

You can log into your account on any device: smartphone, computer or tablet. You will also need headphones (any type). Once logged in, read the short instructions, put on your headphones and start your session.

Each session lasts 45 minutes. Normally you could do this once a day, but for accelerated change you can treat yourself twice a day.

Become your own therapist today

I want you to feel the benefits of SRT immediately, so I'm giving you a three day free trial before your monthly subscription takes effect.



I tried mindfulness because my friends were constantly raving about it.

But when I tried it, I just felt that I was hoping for something to happen that never actually did. 

I tried so hard but I only ended up feeling like a failure as nothing changed and I felt no better.

I felt frustrated, puzzled and disappointed in myself.

What was wrong with me that I was getting nowhere?

I'd written mindfulness and meditation off thinking I just didn't have the right kind of brain. 

But not wanting to give up on myself, I did some research and that's when I discovered this.

OMG! What a difference.

As soon as I used it, I knew this was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Positive memories that I haven't thought of in years came flooding back. I finally felt connected, in love with life and I understood my place in the universe.

This is exactly how I hoped it would all feel, but the other tools just never got me there, no matter how hard I tried.

It's clear now that they were never going to.

And now I understand why... because I've researched everything thoroughly.

Apparently Buddhist Monks' brains are different because the method they use takes around FORTY years for them to feel how I feel right now.

I feel so grateful.

Technology has changed everything in a way that I couldn't have possibly believe before. It delivers 100% on the promise, whereas mindfulness and meditation continue endlessly to stoke hope but never produce.


I’d already heard about audio entrainment to help the brain feel more positive, and so SRT appealed to me as an inexpensive way to experiment with this.

I was really surprised when I experienced it first hand -- the theory was right!

I feel lifted and relieved that there really is something that can speed up my quest for inner peace, rather than me hoping to get there just by trying to clear my mind of thoughts.


What can I say, Edward?

I’ve been on “the spiritual path” for decades and have done EVERYTHING… but literally nothing comes close to this.

I just put it on for 20 minutes as soon as I wake up and I think about how I want my day to be.

My whole attitude to life has changed, and guess what? Everyone’s attitude to me has changed too.

Also, a strange nagging voice that used to comentate on my whole life has finally left me so now I am not second guessing my actions or putting myself down all the time.

I feel pretty smug that I found this!!! Thank you Edward!


Hi Edward! Thank you so much for creating this!

I don’t even know how to start. It’s changed everything.

I can now sleep properly, I wake up feeling like I can conquer the world (and that’s before my espresso), I feel happy, grounded, decisive and my husband says I don’t get the mood swings that he’s had to put up with forever.

Happy husband, happy life, right?

Thank you Edward, you are an angel!

MP, Canada




How does Sonic Reset Therapy for optimal functioning work?

SRT for optimal functioning uses the latest research in sound to produce a carefully calibrated tone, which activates positive neural networks. The more traffic that is driven up a neural network, the stronger it becomes.

What is the evidence base for SRT optimal functioning?

SRT is a type of Neuro Remodulation Therapy. These approaches, such as Eye movement desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) all aim to change the way a brain stores information. It is also well understood that the amount of activity that travels along the neural network is responsible for its strength and longevity. Neurological imaging shows the improvement attained through all practises that enhance positive neural functioning.

People report to us that they feel different faster with this program than anything else they've ever tried.

Can it do me any harm? Can it make me worse?  Can I do too much or too little?

When you use SRT for optimal functioning, you are in control at all times. Provided you have reasonable hearing, and don’t mind headphones, anyone can use it with complete safety following our instructions. A comfortable volume setting is all that is required. There have been no reported cases of any contra indications or adverse reactions to SRT.

Will SRT affect my memory?

No. Your memory is not in anyway affected... far from it! By purposefully activating the positive neural networks in your brain you are likely to retrieve all kinds of forgotten treasures.

How often shall I do this?

This is a common question because people are generally told that they must do their practise every day or they'll feel no benefit.

In total contrast, SRT allows people complete flexibility with none of the strict religious rules and regulations that they are often supposed to adopt.

Think of this more in terms of plugging in to an instant energiser that you will WANT to do as much as you possibly can because the results are immediate and astounding. 

Because people feel so good so fast, they often choose to plug in twice a day. However, even if you only used it once a week, you'd still notice the difference.

Why haven’t I heard of SRT optimal functioning before?

SRT is very new outside private practise. As more and more people find it changes their lives, its reputation is growing exponentially.

It’s so inexpensive, efficient and easy to use that it is likely to become of great interest to everybody in the field of Positive Psychology.

Do the results last?

Yes, and every time you use it you increase your gains.

What else can I use it for?

Musicians, sportspeople, and other peak performance professionals use this to stay at the top of their game.

Is it safe for children?

Children find bringing up their positive emotions or "happy place" a lot easier than adults do. So capturing this and growing it is a swift and straightforward process. So long as they are happy to wear headphones and stay the course, they will feel awesome, too!