• Why is there only one file in the 3 day trial?

    SRT consists of only one file, which you play twice in each session. Unlike other audio programs, you are not getting a "lite" or cut down version of the therapy during your three day trial. This is how to use SRT to feel better within your three day trial: Read all the instructions twice (available when you select your program), play the 20 minute SRT file, rest for 5-10 minutes and then play the same file again. This is counted as one session. Please do at least one session per day for your three days so you can feel better now. You can do more, it won't hurt. I think you will feel so good that you'll want to carry on beyond your trial. To encourage you to be your best self, I've gifted you some extra files that become available on day four. These are not SRT. Instead, they build your positive neural networks faster so you can "have the brain you desire". You can use this with SRT from day four onwards by playing SRT for 20 minutes, taking that break and then playing one of the new files for 20 minutes. Many clients enjoy this combination for months and even years.

  • Does it work with addictions, PTSD, OCD, and other diagnosed disorders? Can I use SRT with prescription medication?

    Many of my clients successfully use SRT alongside their treatment plans, so if you have a diagnosed disorder, it's OK to do the same so long as you let your healthcare professional know you are working with it. You deserve the most comprehensive support while in recovery, so I don't recommend you ONLY use SRT, or that you use it without talking to your healthcare provider first. When you use your medication as prescribed you can also use SRT, so long as you have cleared it with your healthcare provider first. Do not use SRT while under the influence of any other drugs, or alcohol, or while driving or operating machinery.

  • I don't like the sound, what should I do?

    the sound may feel uncomfortable at first but as you stay with it and experience the desensitisation of your troublesome feelings it will feel actively soothing.

  • Who are you?

    I am Edward Sim, a Psychotherapist of twenty years, specialising in the successful treatment of trauma. I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. I trained with the founders of Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Dr Aaron Beck and Dr Albert Ellis in the USA. I trained with Dr Francine Shapiro, who created EMDR, now recognised by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence as the leading treatment for chronic PTSD. In Toronto, I trained in Neurofeedback with Dr Michael and Linda Thompson, the leaders in this field.

  • How did SRT come about?

    I have worked with clients using neuro remodulisation for twenty years. Over that time I have refined my methods so they help my clients faster than ever. It was my wish to make this treatment accessible to those who can't see me in my clinic or who can't afford clinic prices, and that's why I published SRT online.

  • How do I do this?

    You can log into your account on any WiFi connected device: smartphone, computer or tablet. You will also need headphones or earphones (any type). Once logged in, read the short instructions, put on your headphones and start your session. Each session lasts 45 minutes. Normally you will do this once a day, but for accelerated change you can treat yourself twice a day. The purpose of SRT is not just to get you from minus five to zero, but move you up to plus five and beyond. It takes SRT six months to get you there. By the end of this time you'll not only have scrubbed out the problem issues that brought you here, but you'll have smoothed all your other unwanted thoughts and feelings and thoroughly integrated these changes into your new life.

  • How do I cancel before my three day trial has ended so my card isn't charged?

    Go to to our web site and log in as usual. Once logged in, locate "My Account". On a desktop it's inside the triangle at the top right. On a mobile it's inside the three horizontal lines at the top right. Click "My Account:, scroll to "Billing" and cancel your subscription there.

  • Why does my subscription have an expiry date?

    Don't worry, it won't expire until you cancel your subscription. It's just there to let you know what date your subscription will be renewed.

  • How far can you go?

    Congratulations on wanting to be the best version of yourself! You'll be please to know that if you stick with SRT beyond wanting to work out that one thing that's bugging you, you'll discover lots of other hidden treasures within yourself. When you feel ready to build up your life in a way that really works for you, I recommend you use SRT for 20 minutes, pause for ten minutes, and then use one of the Positive Emotion Builder files to dream in your ideal life. It won't be long before your external world starts to reflect this, and you'll want to keep SRT forever.